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T&T Creative Media connects video creators with publishers, TV productions and brands around the world. We specialize in distributing real-life stories captured on video and leveraging our industry contacts to protect your rights and earn you revenue. If your content is suited to our owned and operated social entertainment brands we will publish the content to them and earn you additional revenue.

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As journalists, storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. We’re motivated by telling compelling, real-life stories through the medium of video. We are also video creators ourselves, so treat you how we’d expect to be treated – with respect, honesty and transparency. Through our unique global reach, we connect with audiences around the world to maximize your clip’s revenue potential. With offices across different timezones it’s easy to get in touch and we pride ourselves in our communication.

We add value in a number of ways to maximize your potential revenue from the video you captured:

PACKAGE:  We package your video into a fully produced news feature, complete with photos and a written article by our trained team of journalists. These additional services, not offered by ‘viral video’ companies, add additional value and revenue to your story as outlets don’t have to do additional research.

PROMOTE:  We market your video everywhere – from the world’s top media publishers, broadcasters, platforms and brands to niche publications. This not only generates you licensing fees, but helps promote the video and drives further interest. Our advanced content management system allows outlets to find and license the latest content relevant to them at the click of a button.

PARTNERSHIPS:  You earn through our revenue partnerships around the world as well as when we license to TV shows, web publishers, social pages and brands.

PUBLISH:  If eligible, we post your content to our owned and operated social entertainment channels generating additional revenue for your video.

PROTECT:  We protect your video from copyright infringement using industry tools to claim revenue or negotiate compensation fees for unauthorized usage.

There are a number of ways we generate you revenue including:

LICENSING: We pitch and sell your video story to publishers, websites, broadcasters and brands around the world. They will pay a one-time fee for permission to air or publish your clip, either ad hoc or via a subscription.

PUBLISHING: We publish your video to our owned and operated social platforms, where you can earn additional revenue based on performance metrics.

SPONSORED: We work with brands to either partner on the release of certain content or create content specifically for them.

COPYRIGHT PROTECTION: Sometimes pages will re-upload your video. Where possible, we will look to enforce your copyright and claim the revenue or secure compensation fees for the unauthorized usage.

In all cases we need to receive payment from the client before we can pay out your share – for which our standard payment terms are 30 days, but this can be longer for VoD sales / subscriptions or even shorter. Once we have received payment and your accumulated balance reaches $50 you will receive a sales report and a request for your payment details. We issue payment via Zelle, PayPal or check (US only) within 10 business days of your report. If you haven’t been paid, we haven’t been paid – so rest assured we aim to pay out as soon as possible.

Yes, you remain the owner of the content in perpetuity (forever) and can continue to post and share the video across your own social media profiles. Our agreement enables us to act as your agent for the video to license, monetize, promote and protect it around the world. Our agreement is as simplified as possible, but if you have any questions about certain elements please ask our team, who are always happy to explain. We ask that you consult us before replying to any direct requests for your video to ensure you do not unintentionally give away rights to your content and lose potential income.

If someone contacts you about your clip, forward their request to licensing@tt-creative.com and our team will let you know they have received the request and are handling it. If the approach takes place on social media, please attach screenshots of the conversation to the email and list the organization and person’s name who approached you. In many cases, allowing one publisher to use your video also permits their partners to use it, which can quickly spiral around the world – so it is safer to forward straight onto our team or consult with your contact before replying.

Yes, we encourage you to continue sharing your video with your own family, friends and audience. All we ask is for you to update the caption/description in the post to include our licensing disclaimer to help prevent unauthorized usage and to swiftly direct potential buyers to us so we can secure a license agreement.

By exclusively partnering with T&T, it allows us to spend time adding extra value to the package so we can leverage higher fees and more favorable terms for the content partner whose video we are representing. An exclusive partnership also means – where eligible – we post the video to our owned and operated social entertainment brands to generate additional revenue for your clip.

When a video is non-exclusive, the negotiating power transfers to the buyer, who may play sellers off one another to secure lower fees. We will also refrain from posting across our social entertainment brands due to any potential copyright issues in future. Therefore, to maximize revenue, it is best to select a single company to represent the clip.

No, we do not charge you anything for working with us or ‘using our services’ now or in future. We make money via the revenue share on the sales we proactively generate for you. You will be paid the agreed % of any revenue your video earns. This provides us with accountability to you as the content owner, ensuring we are incentivized to invest our effort into maximizing your clip – because if you don’t make money, neither do we.

In many cases, content creators become regular partners with T&T. Whether you shoot one video a year or one video a day, if there is potential to work together longer term we’ll let you know. Simply get in touch with your usual contact or submit your video below and a member of our team will get straight back to you.

Please feel free to get in touch using our live chat or by emailing hello@tt-creative.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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