NHK News: Doga


Doga is a twice-weekly user-generated video segment broadcast during NHK News. The segment showcases heartwarming and funny video stories in an engaging way for the Japanese audience. With a global remit, Doga producers look to unearth the most interesting video stories from beyond Japan and with such logistical challenges, T&T Creative Media’s family-friendly content library provides a safe and uplifting source of UGC for the show’s time-pressed producers. With each segment also featuring an interview with the story subjects, our in-house journalists enable us to facilitate the interviews quickly.


Our team of UGC acquisition specialists source and clear prime, uplifting content for use by broadcasters, websites and social pages. Our licensing platform allows producers and editors to tap a ready-to-air supply of high-impact stories to slot in to their programming – including a wide array of search options to aid non-English speaking territories.


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